3rd period


Band is life and forever must so decree by the laws of bandlandia. Ha just kidding but Band is really time-consuming and a long activity that not is for the faint of heart. Band is is essentially you giving up most of your summer and your weekends for the cause you waking up early in the morning and going to bed late at night. Then you spend money to sweat and perform for a barely there crowd. But the weird thing is I love just about every minute of it.

Marching band is a very grueling activity where people pass out from heat strokes you can get dehydration from having been out into the sun all day you sweat, sweat, sweat and then some more while being fully slathered from head to toe in enough layers of sunscreen to make you all nice and reflective. Then you and your section have to learn multiple parts to a show which you then have to go about memorizing but that’s just the start of it. Your band directors give you gush and go’s that are supposed o be a minute long but more often than not turn into two second sips of water and then run back to your spot as a massive cramp begins to form in your side as you wheeze your way back and then proceed to pick up whatever instrument you play. Your band director will then proceed to tell you as if he can’t see you dying that we will be doing a full run through of a part mind you there can be anywhere between 3 to I believe 4 parts in a given show which total to about 7 minutes of playing. Now 7 minutes looks like nothing on paper but once you get into the nitty gritty of it all you realize for those 7 minutes that you are watching 14-18-year-olds move on a field as a pit plays in front of them they are playing for their lives now that might sound silly and not that serious but it is so true. Seeing bands twice your size even sometimes three or four times you have this unrelenting desire to show them how kickass you are and you give it to them.

Marching band is all really focused on one point in time that occurs multiple time over a span of about a month or two. You and the rest of you band wake up at the most ass crack of dawn time possible to human life and show up to school you’re all tired can’t even really function eating donuts of tacos whatever happens to be the breakfast item of that particular day You practice outside until finally a little after you see the sun rise to the point that it’s starting to get hot. Your band teachers will then call you over and give you a talk about how they want you to play your very best and try your hardest and it doesn’t matter if you win or lose all a trophy is a hulking piece of plastic and metal when in your head you’re like “ a really nice hulking piece of plastic and metal.” though you don’t voice it allowed unless you’re one of the braver souls out there.

Then sooner than you can blink its competition day and you’re standing right on the field and if you have nerves you have nerves if you don’t you don’t. I was never one to be really nervous once I got on the field I just played until I couldn’t feel myself like I wasn’t really there I just knew I was going through the motions of it all, but that’s kind of what it means when you play you play your best and you do you. Though as you march across the field with all of your worries and nerves you look up just for a few seconds and see that the stadium is watching. Not everyone like half of the people are either texting or sleep (which is very possible) or sort of watching but talking to whoever else is there but as you look the people who care even in the slightest are looking at you and watching and you just feel this sense of pride like I really got all these people to look at me not at something all the way across the stadium but at me along with the rest of my band and you feel such a sense of pride and you just know you have to play for those people watching so you do and it’s awesome.Now after you get through that you talk with your friends all through and you have fun as you make fun of other bands and point out their mistakes and laugh and make memories the most as you’re there sitting on those bleachers.

Then as you painstakingly wait for the announcer to announce your place you sweat and feel like you’re going to pee yourself and that’s when I finally feel nervous. Then the announcer finally announces whatever place it is that you got and you and you and your band hop on the bus. The bus ride is always the best moment of the whole thing. You and all your friends are half passed out can’t hold your head up barely even breathing but you still talk and make jokes and eat and throw things at each other and then more than likely fall asleep on the way back nut those are the moments you remember.You finally realize that all those moments were worth it and as you slide out of your seat from a really long bus ride and crawl it over to your awaiting vehicle just before you feel like your about to sleep you remember…Practice is on Monday.