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My name in Julie and I just love school(note the sarcasm). A school is a place where great minds come to collaborate on a magnitude of ideas; well most people anyway. Now I guess there is like a list oof things that I do when I go to school which consist if, going to the cafeteria,struggling immensely on class work, attempting to sleep through most of my classes, dying in class and then going home to waste my life away. Then once I return back to school I have to mindlessly hear a teacher drone on for hours as I wait for them to call on me. Then when the teacher finally calls on me I’m just about really dead and more than likely I’ll end my day with two hours of the band.Yay! The end.


When We Wuz Famous 6/21/16



So this book was definitely a play off of an overused story line. A kid comes from some type of destitute living arrangement, makes it big from his sports ability, goes to his school is treated poorly, comes back can’t quite fit in with his old friends anymore, something big and powerful happens that impacts his life and he goes on to live some form of a happy ending. That is exactly what this book did. I have seen kids in my old neighborhood never make it anywhere, and live lives that their parents never wanted to live because that was their best bet at the time. I’m sick and tired of books like these that give kids from bad neighborhoods this false hope that if they get really good at a sport they make it out. The harsh reality is that it happens, but to about the .1% who get that break. Not every single one of us can be a Kevin Durant or a Micheal Jordan. I just wish that books would instead stop teaching kids from poor to try to make it out through sports. Instead, tap into the intelligent brain that each one of us is born with. Don’t tell kids from the hood that “Oh well you’ll never make it out unless you can dribble a ball or you can run damn fast.” Tell them that they have a brain that is stronger than anything else on this planet, and all they’ve got to do is do the school work and participate in class. I hate that it people create assumptions that kids who are minorities aren’t smart and every time someone pulls a statistic out their ass, blacks and Hispanics are always at the lowest part of those stats. I’m tired of knowing that just based on who I am and the type of family I come from, people believe I’m not as smart as the others kids or I’ll never reach the same level as the other. The kids like me who grew up in areas where life wasn’t always the best know way better than anyone else what it’s like and we don’t need a book to tell us exactly that. We know our friends and family will get killed, whether it by police or a stray bullet in the quote on quote “something” gone bad.I want people to know that blacks and Hispanics are not stupid, not all of us grow up in bad neighborhoods and, not all of will live in a cycle of hate. We will overcome, we will be stronger because we have voices that are meant to be seen in the lines of essays we write into college admissions and the math equations we try so viciously to solve. We are not only athletes who come out of nothing to make something,we are middle class, and high-class individuals who have different aspirations in life that define us. I know this was supposed to be a book review and that didn’t really happen, but I’ll say that it was not in anyway shape or form badly written I just want to see authors that are writing books that are trying to cater to blacks and Hispanics write books that are fantasies with main minority characters. Just because a book is about blacks and Hispanics doesn’t mean it has to take place in the ghetto or be made to showcase such suffrage. I’m not trying to say these things don’t happen, but at least give kids some hope that just because they are a minority life doesn’t have to go down this route opportunities are endless.

Edit: After sitting on this for awhile I’m going to post it even though it’s not really a book review. Its my take and feelings of the book but if I’m being more honest it wasn’t poorly written or bad or anything like that. It just made my mind work into all of the cultural division that is in this world.

Thanks Ms.Langley

Rate: 5/10

The Shadow Queen 6/11/2016

Hey, Ms.Langley! So I decided to post books that I read this summer on here. I probably won’t be reading very many but if I happen to read a few I’ll make sure to post about them.


So the Shadow Queen… Well, I would say it was a good book that was lacking in a way that I can’t put my finger on. I love all types of fantasy, dystopian, past based books but  I have to say that there was something in this book that I felt was not quite there. The Shadow Queen is an adaptation of Snow White but closer to the story line of the Grimm Brothers Tales. The Shadow Queen follows the life of Lorelai who is a princess that possess great magic skills but one day her mother sister, Irina marry’s her father and casts a spell over the whole kingdom. Following this Lorelai ends up using powers to destroy her step mother but it ends drastically with the death of her father and her, her little brother, and their keeper Gabril becoming wanted fugitives to the crown. As the story continues to unravel secrets are unveiled but where I find the story to be truly lacking was the fact that is felt like a story I could have read on wattpad which means one of two things. 1. Many wattpad writers have the ability to right high-quality stories that match that of a published writer or 2. The writing style of this writer was subpar in this particular book. And don’t get me wrong being able to write is an amazing skill that I lack in many ways but I have always been an avid reader who analyzes writings and I really feel that there needs to be an added umpfh.

Rating- 6/10

Till the next one Ms.Langley!

The Handmaid’s Tale

There is no denying the fact that women at one point in time had no form of rights that were meant to benefit anything that they did. Even today in places around the world women don’t have rights but I hope nothing to the extent of that of Margaret Atwood’s book “The Handmaid’s Tale”. Women are merely objects made for the advancement of the world and what once was a slightly prosperous United States has now become reversed in its ideals and way of life. Though today what I am here to do is not analyze the book in its inner working but to instead do one of two things; detail the questions I still have left and document the relation of this book to today’s world. As you continue you will find my ideals and my questions and how they relate to “The Handmaid’s Tale”.


Who is Offred?

She is the main character of the story who you never truly understand all the way to the last page. Offred is someone who I’ve imagined and thought of hundreds of thousands of times and in different ways every time. Most books give you this image of a character through details but the craftsmanship that Margaret Atwood used in order to create this book leaves you wondering. You know Offred is a women used once a month by the Commander but who is she really? What does she want to be one day? What is her real name? What becomes of her daughter and husband? What eventually becomes of her? Where does she end up? Does she become happy or not anything close to happy?


Offered in terms of a person is meant to be that unidentifiable women that could be any of us. However in the form of an object Offred is the objectifying quality in all of us. She is the being that makes others feel they have rights over our bodies. She is the symbol of what could become of us if we continued to allow those in power to control us. Offred is all of us and what we could become. Whether or not we truly suspect it the world could just as easily end up in the type of disarray that Margaret presents in her book.


Who is the Eye?

The Eye is an organization presented in The Handmaid’s Tale whose purpose is to keep the strict order of the world. But who are they really? Who leads the Eye? How many people are a part of the organization? The little that I do know about the Eye is they are never afraid to remove you when you’ve been doing things that were not meant for you.


The Eye is almost a modern day Big Brother. The notion that the government watches us and takes those of us who do things that are not seen as fit or removes information that they feel is dangerous in the hands of the people is not a new concept. This all seeing power who know what you’re up to at all times is exactly the twist Margaret needed in order to make and effortless tie back to our modern day societal conspiracies.


What is the lesson this book is trying to teach?

The Handmaid’s Tale is a gritty novel meant to grab you and make you question today’s world and what you believe. There is absolutely no denying that the book accomplished what it set out to do but there were always a few things about the book itself that affected the way that I look at it. The Handmaid’s Tale never truly completes itself. The main character goes off on her own journey into finding out why her world is like the way it is but you never know what becomes of her, her family, her acquaintances, or even the people who changed society. You’re left wondering what becomes of them? At the end of the day though I believe the author did that on purpose to channel our attention into making our own end to answer these two questions. How does today’s world reflect this book and how possible would it be for it to actually occur?


Now I challenge those of you who will read this read this book one day. You don’t have to read it now you don’t have to even read it in 20 years but a few things to think about if you do:

How does this book reflect your life today?

What was the true cause of the United States’ collapse?

Why do you think the author wrote it the way she did?

In what modern day state do you believe the book takes place?

Finally what happens to the world following this time period?


Wait as long as you need to think, as long as you wish, but don’t wait too long, for the power to decide could be ripped away from you by the power structure of our modern day hate driven world.



I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold” is an art piece painted by Charles Demuth, an American Artist born in Lancaster,Pennsylvania from 1883-1935. This specific piece was painted in 1928 and is made of oil,  graphite, ink, and uses gold leaf paint on paperboard. This art piece is encompassed of varying hues of red, yellow, orange and gray paint.

The most important aspect of this piece is the number 5. The point of  this is to pay homage to a poem by William Carlos Williams entitled ” The Great Figure”. In Williams poem, he writes about seeing a red fire engine with the number 5 painted on it racing through the city. The art piece paid respect to Williams and was meant to exactly the poem. Throughout the piece, you can see how the reds, yellows, and oranges used in the middle are meant to represent the fire truck and the number five. While the grays, lamppost, and written words to the right are meant to indicate the street and the buildings that the fire engine is passing through.

The title of the piece is “I saw the figure 5 in gold”  is an indication of the number five on the fire engine that the poet describes in his poem.   Also, the indication of the five being in gold brings attention to it. The color gold is something people notice right away and it draws attention too, which is why Charles made that indication purposely.

The objective of this piece is to pay homage to William Carlos’s poem, “The Great Figure”. Charles full exhibition of art also includes seven other pieces. All of the pieces he’s created are visual representations of famous American Artists,Writers, and Performers of that time. He is showing how visually stimulating each piece of work that his friends make are and in turn makes the art pieces out of them similar to “I saw the figure 5 in gold”. Which is an exact line from Williams poem.

During this time in history, America has more than rose to being the powerhouse of the world along with a few European and Asian Nations that were all the same fast on America’s heel. America is going through an aggressive industrialization and is creating new types of technology from raw materials in Latin America and African Nations. During the early 1900s, a few key factors that would eventually lead to World Wars and tension also begin to take place. The start and end of World War I(1914-1918). The treaty of Versailles and the 19th Amendment .(1919) Finally the rise of Hitler’s Nazi party in 1930. Many more events amongst countries would also take place during the time of this art piece.

The visual establishes a painting of the rich figurative language used in a poem and provides the viewer with a way to also interpret a poem. This visual is important because now we are beginning to see that along with the modernization of American technology. The artwork has begun to take a different direction. Where once all art was landscapes or painting of people or things. Art has now become made of ones complete imagination. Where once people only painted things they saw, art has now become something to create using things as simple as words. Artists have created artwork that is purely for their chance to showcase the work that they truly loved painting.




“Scene Outside an Inn” is a hand-colored art piece painted by Henry William Bunbury during the 1750s to the 1800s. The art piece is one of a young man being helped off a horse by two women while another waits off to the side. A stern-faced man stands in front of them waiting for the young man to dismount while another man stands in the window staring intently at a book in his hands. This piece comes to life with its use of bright colors and its attempts to appear much more creative during the enlightenment era as opposed to the Renaissance, that had still yet to capture the refinement to the extent the Enlighment era had. This piece is just one of many pieces painted by Henry during the 1750s and early 1800s in his quest to document what occurred during his time.


There are 6 people that take part in this painting: 3 women and 3 men. The first two women are on either side of a young man who they are helping dismount off of a horse. The other woman sits on a stepping stool that is used for getting on and off a horse and she has a kind smile on her face. The other man stares at the young boys as he as just arrived and finally the man in the window is reading something to himself in the window sill. This all takes place outside an Inn with a long fortress-like building as the backdrop.


The name of this piece is “Scene Outside an Inn”. The title is used to describe what is occurring in the painting. Without the title, you would not know the location of where the event took place and thus you could misinterpret the piece. The use of the word scene in the title makes the moment seem as though it is incredibly important; therefore it is being documented in the title. The use of the word scene is to document the beginning of something important or the act of it being carried out which adds to the importance of the tittle.


The intent of this art piece is to document an important moment. This scene outside of the Inn, though its may seem unnecessary or unimportant, actually means something to the artist who painted it and even to the people that he is painting it of. The message of this piece is to see all of the important parts of a moment – notice the person standing off to the side of the window. Henry did not paint him to take up space, he painted him because he was important to the moment. This was a major role that Henry took when painting, he made each character there for a reason for the viewer to attempt to interpret. Henry was also trying to capture a normal moment. There were large amounts of new ways of living due to the Industrial Revolution, slave trade and foreign relations that Henry wanted to capture a calm moment in a part of Britain.


During the time of this artwork, many European countries were currently fighting in wars such as the Seven Years War. Many revolutions of all kinds sprang up like the Haitian, French, and Venezuelan Revolution. The British were in a great upheaval with America as it attempts to go through its own Revolution as well. The British were in a mad rush to figure out how to control their colonies in America as they continued to rebel against the British Crown. They British are also were going through an Industrial Revolution where things are being created faster and people now leave their homes to go work in factories.


The “Scene Outside of the Inn” is a piece of art painted by Henry William Bunbury during the 1750s to the 1800s in order to capture a tranquil moment in the racing heart of a revolution. Even though this piece seems too simple to have any true meaning during this time there was so much bloodshed and destruction that being able to find such a calm moment like this was something Henry William Bunbury truly did not take for granted.


Julie Apagya-Bonney
Malinche Malinchista {Malinalli} Marina Dona Marina

Malinalli was a sacrificial lamb of a woman draped in cloaks of misunderstanding. Malinalli was forced into a life of slavery by her mother (pg.26 ) “Her mother let go of her tiny grasping fingers, gave her away to her new masters, and turned away.” who wanted to create her son into a man of great wealth this is where Malinalli’s journey as a victim, traitor and survivor truly begin.

Though in order to get the full picture of Malinalli’s role as a traitor, survivor and victim you have to first start with her birth.(pg.5 ) Malinalli cheated what should have been her death and because of this, she is a traitor in the hands of death. My belief is that because of this her father died he was to pay with his life for his daughter who was not taken. She is a survivor because she was able to escape the grasp of death though narrowly but this is also the first time she is a victim. Malinalli isn’t even fully born when she faces her first trial and she was able to succeed that’s where you see her in all her rights as a victim, traitor and survivor.

Subsequently, Malinalli is made out to be the traitor. Malinalli becomes the tongue of Cortes as a young teen and having to speak to someone who has full control over you and your people you have to figure out what’s best for as many people as possible. Malinalli is instead faced with the trial of watching Montezuma fall done by her hand.(pg. 94 )”Malinalli had not yet finished translating these last words when the discharge of a harquebus signaled the beginning of slaughter.”. Malinalli also turns her back on her mother because of what was done to her. Malinalli begins on this transition of being lost and for a while, you see her as a traitor.

Malinalli ends ups under the hurtful grasp of victimhood. Her mother sends her away to live in a life of pain as a slave who is sold over and over again and the only thing she can work towards is gain favoritism under each of her new masters.(pg.26 ) Soon after she is raped by Cortes (pg.79 ) and can only be used when needed and made to feel like a toy used only when necessary. Malinalli is also impregnated by Cortes and forced to separate from her son. Malinalli is once again forced into a new form of ownership by Cortes. Malinalli is given to Jaramillo who loves her from behind the scenes and this is where she finds her first salvation(pg.79 & 157-158). “Later, Cortes and his retinue were witness at the wedding of Jaramillo and Malinalli.”

Through the long journey that Malinalli faces she finds two key moments of truly surviving. Malinalli is given away to Jaramillo who turns out to be a man who she can truly care for. (pg.184 )Malinalli creates a beautiful baby girl together with Jaramillo (pg.159 )”Malinalli was about to be a mother for the second time.” and she finally finds the life that she had always wanted since she was a small child playing in the mud with her grandmother. Last is her being able to let go of it all on pg. 185 Malinalli “, like Quetzalcoatl before her, on facing her dark side became aware of the light… Her spirit became one with the water. It scattered in the air.” Malinalli speaks about having a passionate night with her husband before heading to a cliff and finally letting it all go on her own terms. She has finally done away with all of the struggles that had held her back and instead looks to a new life.

Malinalli no matter what has happened first is a survivor. She was stripped away of her humanism and made into an object put away nice and neat when not needed and viciously yanked back to life whenever necessary. Malinalli was a young girl that lived every day the best she could with no means of freedom insight so the role of survivor strong and proud fits her to a T.








This is an art piece of Cupid and Venus together. Venus represents the bride that Lorenzo Lotto, the artist painted in the image of the love that she represents as a mythological god. Cupid is also an even bigger part of this piece he is peeing to represent fertility in the hope that after their wedding the bride gets pregnant soon. The art piece is a deep use of colors to show the renaissance era where things became more proportional like the size of Venus and Cupid. The art piece is  a present for the bride and was created during the late 1520s.

The most important part of this art piece is that Venus is a representation of the bride. Lorenzo made his art piece to contain special embolic devices that would represent something important like the use of Ivy was meant to show fidelity. Also during this time people believed that a poem was read to bless their wedding and this art piece is the equivalent to that. This is seen as a blessing to a new bride and groom as a way to make sure they start their marriage off right.

The name of this art piece is “Venus and Cupid” The title is stating who are going to be in the art piece, but the title is meant to really show love in its most god-like form using Cupid and Venus who are representations of love. This is an important part to the art because the piece is meant to represent love and a gift to a bride who is about to be wed, so the use of two gods like Venus and Cupid really solidifies the importance of this piece which is love.

It was almost certainly painted to celebrate a wedding and Venus’s features may be taken from the bride’s. The message shows love painted out for the new bride as a way to start off her new marriage to her husband.

During this time period, many other things are happening Leonardo de Vinci paints the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo sculpts David. Henry the VII is killing off many of his wives in order to have a boy and  empires are fighting with one another through all this time like the Turks, Romans, English and the French.

This visual means people of that time still had a strong belief system with religion. The use of gods to put a blessing over marriage was still a big and important part of life for many. This visual is important because we are learning about how different religions affected people during their time.

Venus and Cupid


This poem was inspired by a art piece called “Venus and Cupid” painted by Lorenzo Lotto.

Cupid the wager of love

Venus the interpreter of love

Alike in love

As they rest by each other

like mother and son

A top a soft blue blanket

drapes a deep blood red

and reef along a string holding them together

A celebration of holy matrimony

with Venus a vision of the bride

A women of a million faces

Alongside Lotto

their artist with a fascination of emblematic devices

shells upon Venus crown

roses petals at her lap

ivy in fidelity

myrtle wreath that sat upon the real brides head

Cupid augury of fertility and mischief

two supernatural beings

in their most natural form







This is a picture of a succession of power from a King down to a young boy as, a large crowd gathers to watch the switch of power. There is a woman off to the left side who appears to be the boys mother or something like that. Also another figure behind the King seems out of place but because they are painted in blue that shows they are of importance seeing as how the royal blue signifies people with power. This was smart on the part of the artist to show the difference clearly to the viewer. This makes it easier to see who is of the most importance.

The most important part is the succession of power to the boy. This moment is very important to everyone involved and seems to warrant a big enough crowd that it can not be ignored. Some other important parts are the women behind the Ruler who seems to disappear, but more than likely holds a much more important role than the way the artist portrays her body language seeing as the close proximity to the King and the blue outfit
The title of this piece is “Miniature from a Speculum Historiale: Claudius Designates Nero as His Successor” and it shows that the name of the man is Claudius and he is passing on his power to a boy named Nero as is shown in the picture it is very straight and to the point and tells you exactly what happening.

The intent of this work was to describe a moment in time that was very important to a large group of people since they all showed up to see this succession of power. The message is just to State the situation nothing more or less.

During the time of this art piece, a lot of lands are being given out through succession, and power is being passed to those that are the most deserving of it. Also, all the people within the land were like property to the lord. Since that was the case during important moments like the one shown people had to be there since this was important because this would one day be their future leader.

This visual means the passing of a role like a King down to the successor. This visual is important because we are learning about lords and Knights and Samurai’s of different cultures and each used the succession to pass on a new role to someone who they felt was qualified.