The Shadow Queen 6/11/2016

Hey, Ms.Langley! So I decided to post books that I read this summer on here. I probably won’t be reading very many but if I happen to read a few I’ll make sure to post about them.


So the Shadow Queen… Well, I would say it was a good book that was lacking in a way that I can’t put my finger on. I love all types of fantasy, dystopian, past based books but  I have to say that there was something in this book that I felt was not quite there. The Shadow Queen is an adaptation of Snow White but closer to the story line of the Grimm Brothers Tales. The Shadow Queen follows the life of Lorelai who is a princess that possess great magic skills but one day her mother sister, Irina marry’s her father and casts a spell over the whole kingdom. Following this Lorelai ends up using powers to destroy her step mother but it ends drastically with the death of her father and her, her little brother, and their keeper Gabril becoming wanted fugitives to the crown. As the story continues to unravel secrets are unveiled but where I find the story to be truly lacking was the fact that is felt like a story I could have read on wattpad which means one of two things. 1. Many wattpad writers have the ability to right high-quality stories that match that of a published writer or 2. The writing style of this writer was subpar in this particular book. And don’t get me wrong being able to write is an amazing skill that I lack in many ways but I have always been an avid reader who analyzes writings and I really feel that there needs to be an added umpfh.

Rating- 6/10

Till the next one Ms.Langley!