Rhetorical Analysis

Donald Trump is billionaire business man born in The City of New York running  for the President of the United States in the 2016 election as the Republican nominee. He has had varying positions over what it means to be a political candidate and in this speech given by Donald Trump, to a group of Republicans about Sexual Assault, Mr.Trump attempts to respond to these allegations through his use of Pathos, Lagos and Ethos. He also continues to press a variety of other issues as he felt necessary. Though not necessarily through or concise. This is only a transcript of his exact words as presented to the group of Republicans by NPR.

To begin Mr. Trump address the group with a welcoming “Wow. What a group. What a group.” (Pg.1)He is using this friendly greeting as a way to boost the moral of the people in the audience. He makes a point to make those present feel as if they are amazing and doing something extraordinary by just being within in his presence at the rally. He makes great strides in also using words such as “Our”, “We”, and “You”. He use these words and statements to establish a camaraderie with the audience and address how important they are to the election. He also very clearly understands how to work crowds,
particularly those in his favor through ways such as bringing up the circumstances surrounding his political opponent Hillary Clinton. Mr.Trump uses words like “crooked”(pg.2) and “Clinton Machine”(pg.1) as ways to make the message come across that she is not someone to be trusted. He does this multiple times in order to create and address the crowd as people who are important to the cause and mean a lot to the Republican community.

Within his message he has a theme that makes the people feel fear. Now depending on who is asked this could be seen as good or bad way to press hit political views. Within his speech he uses lines such as  “The political establishment has brought about the destruction of our factories, and our jobs, as they flee to Mexico, China and other countries all around the world. He knows the people he is talking to are workers who have lost there jobs to hose abroad and he is bringing in that level of anger that is within these people. He understands fully that these people are trying to get jobs and by bringing it up in his speech he makes them feel what he is saying and gets his point across well and thoroughly.  He also brings to topic the character of his opponent “WikiLeaks documents, in which Hillary Clinton meets in secret with international banks to plot the destruction of U.S. sovereignty in order to enrich these global financial powers, her special interest friends and her donors.” He uses this in front of an all republican group because he knows that this is what they want to hear. Even when the purpose was to talk about the sexual assault against him the people in the audience get the message. They know what the purpose of the speech was but the rather hear him speak on other topics which is how Mr.Trump is able to get his message passed thorough the audience so well.

Donald trump is able to continuously get his point across because of his credibility to the people he is presenting to. His is known as a business man and the people he is presenting to need jobs. He promises to deliver jobs ” I will give them their hope, their jobs, their education. I will give them their security back.” He acknowledges them. He makes them feel like he has the ability to deliver jobs to them and with his background as an Billionaire and a known business man his credentials is what gets them to believe him. He carries his credentials in the businesses that he has owned which gives him the ability to do well in this speech.

Donald Trump came in to this speech and was supposed to talk about the accusations against him. He instead came and talked on a multitude of ideas and was able to make it work well with the audience in front of him.




6 thoughts on “Rhetorical Analysis

  1. The first paragraph is very helpful and informative to the reader, especially if an individual does not know any background information on Donald Trump. Diction is used well and supportive evidence from the transcript of Trump’s speech contributes to proving analysis.


  2. Your introductory paragraph is very well written and gives the reader helpful information on Trump. I like how you end your second paragraph as well: “Mr.Trump uses words like “crooked”(pg.2) and “Clinton Machine”(pg.1) as ways to make the message come across that she is not someone to be trusted. He does this multiple times in order to create and address the crowd as people who are important to the cause and mean a lot to the Republican community.” because it explains Trump’s “why.” Why did you choose this speech over Michelle’s?


  3. The writing in this essay made me feel that Trump has used effective rhetoric to convince his audience in the central idea of the speech; the idea being to vote for him. However I noticed that the way the essay was written, you never specifically stated whether you thought it was effective rhetoric or not (taking a position), which I found as a very neutral and interesting way to interpret Trump’s words. I think in the way you analyzed his rhetoric, I can see what convinces the many family members I have (which support Trump) that he is an educated man who isn’t bigoted or racist. His use of language persuades them to think that he is okay as a human being. Overall this was a very well written essay that I enjoyed reading.


  4. I think your writing was very well written. I feel like a lot of people who disagree and dislike trump could look beyond this “horrible” man and see what he’s really trying to say and do just by analyzing his writing and you did a great job showing that. I specifically like that you not only told the divices that he used but you explained if it’s affect was positive or not to conveying his message while also staying neutral and not bias.


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