Assertion: Learning to read and write

“She was an apt woman; and a little experience soon demonstrated, to her satisfaction,that education and slavery were incompatible with each other.” Federick Douglass in this statement in stating to you who his mistress was and the type of rhetoric she had about slavery and education. I stand by what he was saying about this women. Though from the perspective from those around them at the time this idea was not an uncommon one and, he makes note of this himself, I believe what he is saying to be a factual statement of who his mistress was as a person. Though the only thing I felt was wrong with the statement itself is that during this time and place Federick Douglass was purely looking at the world from the view of a slave. He had yet to receive and formal type of education and his ability to create such a definite answer as to the content of her character showcases why his mistress was so incredibly incorrect in her ideals. To be able to establish those type of observation disproves the statement above that slaves and education were incompatible with one another.


Sarcastic Julie

My name in Julie and I just love school(note the sarcasm). A school is a place where great minds come to collaborate on a magnitude of ideas; well most people anyway. Now I guess there is like a list oof things that I do when I go to school which consist if, going to the cafeteria,struggling immensely on class work, attempting to sleep through most of my classes, dying in class and then going home to waste my life away. Then once I return back to school I have to mindlessly hear a teacher drone on for hours as I wait for them to call on me. Then when the teacher finally calls on me I’m just about really dead and more than likely I’ll end my day with two hours of the band.Yay! The end.