When We Wuz Famous 6/21/16



So this book was definitely a play off of an overused story line. A kid comes from some type of destitute living arrangement, makes it big from his sports ability, goes to his school is treated poorly, comes back can’t quite fit in with his old friends anymore, something big and powerful happens that impacts his life and he goes on to live some form of a happy ending. That is exactly what this book did. I have seen kids in my old neighborhood never make it anywhere, and live lives that their parents never wanted to live because that was their best bet at the time. I’m sick and tired of books like these that give kids from bad neighborhoods this false hope that if they get really good at a sport they make it out. The harsh reality is that it happens, but to about the .1% who get that break. Not every single one of us can be a Kevin Durant or a Micheal Jordan. I just wish that books would instead stop teaching kids from poor to try to make it out through sports. Instead, tap into the intelligent brain that each one of us is born with. Don’t tell kids from the hood that “Oh well you’ll never make it out unless you can dribble a ball or you can run damn fast.” Tell them that they have a brain that is stronger than anything else on this planet, and all they’ve got to do is do the school work and participate in class. I hate that it people create assumptions that kids who are minorities aren’t smart and every time someone pulls a statistic out their ass, blacks and Hispanics are always at the lowest part of those stats. I’m tired of knowing that just based on who I am and the type of family I come from, people believe I’m not as smart as the others kids or I’ll never reach the same level as the other. The kids like me who grew up in areas where life wasn’t always the best know way better than anyone else what it’s like and we don’t need a book to tell us exactly that. We know our friends and family will get killed, whether it by police or a stray bullet in the quote on quote “something” gone bad.I want people to know that blacks and Hispanics are not stupid, not all of us grow up in bad neighborhoods and, not all of will live in a cycle of hate. We will overcome, we will be stronger because we have voices that are meant to be seen in the lines of essays we write into college admissions and the math equations we try so viciously to solve. We are not only athletes who come out of nothing to make something,we are middle class, and high-class individuals who have different aspirations in life that define us. I know this was supposed to be a book review and that didn’t really happen, but I’ll say that it was not in anyway shape or form badly written I just want to see authors that are writing books that are trying to cater to blacks and Hispanics write books that are fantasies with main minority characters. Just because a book is about blacks and Hispanics doesn’t mean it has to take place in the ghetto or be made to showcase such suffrage. I’m not trying to say these things don’t happen, but at least give kids some hope that just because they are a minority life doesn’t have to go down this route opportunities are endless.

Edit: After sitting on this for awhile I’m going to post it even though it’s not really a book review. Its my take and feelings of the book but if I’m being more honest it wasn’t poorly written or bad or anything like that. It just made my mind work into all of the cultural division that is in this world.

Thanks Ms.Langley

Rate: 5/10