This is an art piece of Cupid and Venus together. Venus represents the bride that Lorenzo Lotto, the artist painted in the image of the love that she represents as a mythological god. Cupid is also an even bigger part of this piece he is peeing to represent fertility in the hope that after their wedding the bride gets pregnant soon. The art piece is a deep use of colors to show the renaissance era where things became more proportional like the size of Venus and Cupid. The art piece is  a present for the bride and was created during the late 1520s.

The most important part of this art piece is that Venus is a representation of the bride. Lorenzo made his art piece to contain special embolic devices that would represent something important like the use of Ivy was meant to show fidelity. Also during this time people believed that a poem was read to bless their wedding and this art piece is the equivalent to that. This is seen as a blessing to a new bride and groom as a way to make sure they start their marriage off right.

The name of this art piece is “Venus and Cupid” The title is stating who are going to be in the art piece, but the title is meant to really show love in its most god-like form using Cupid and Venus who are representations of love. This is an important part to the art because the piece is meant to represent love and a gift to a bride who is about to be wed, so the use of two gods like Venus and Cupid really solidifies the importance of this piece which is love.

It was almost certainly painted to celebrate a wedding and Venus’s features may be taken from the bride’s. The message shows love painted out for the new bride as a way to start off her new marriage to her husband.

During this time period, many other things are happening Leonardo de Vinci paints the Mona Lisa and Michelangelo sculpts David. Henry the VII is killing off many of his wives in order to have a boy and  empires are fighting with one another through all this time like the Turks, Romans, English and the French.

This visual means people of that time still had a strong belief system with religion. The use of gods to put a blessing over marriage was still a big and important part of life for many. This visual is important because we are learning about how different religions affected people during their time.


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