This is a picture of a succession of power from a King down to a young boy as, a large crowd gathers to watch the switch of power. There is a woman off to the left side who appears to be the boys mother or something like that. Also another figure behind the King seems out of place but because they are painted in blue that shows they are of importance seeing as how the royal blue signifies people with power. This was smart on the part of the artist to show the difference clearly to the viewer. This makes it easier to see who is of the most importance.

The most important part is the succession of power to the boy. This moment is very important to everyone involved and seems to warrant a big enough crowd that it can not be ignored. Some other important parts are the women behind the Ruler who seems to disappear, but more than likely holds a much more important role than the way the artist portrays her body language seeing as the close proximity to the King and the blue outfit
The title of this piece is “Miniature from a Speculum Historiale: Claudius Designates Nero as His Successor” and it shows that the name of the man is Claudius and he is passing on his power to a boy named Nero as is shown in the picture it is very straight and to the point and tells you exactly what happening.

The intent of this work was to describe a moment in time that was very important to a large group of people since they all showed up to see this succession of power. The message is just to State the situation nothing more or less.

During the time of this art piece, a lot of lands are being given out through succession, and power is being passed to those that are the most deserving of it. Also, all the people within the land were like property to the lord. Since that was the case during important moments like the one shown people had to be there since this was important because this would one day be their future leader.

This visual means the passing of a role like a King down to the successor. This visual is important because we are learning about lords and Knights and Samurai’s of different cultures and each used the succession to pass on a new role to someone who they felt was qualified.


Antigone Artist Statement

I decided to make a family tree and write a poem because this was the way I felt I could best describe the play Antigone to others and what I got from it. I am doing it by just going with what I feel. I first started on the poem and thought of the best way to describe each character than I did the family tree just for a little extra fun to be able to see a large amount of the Antigone family that you didn’t know about. What influenced my work was my wanting to know about the other pieces of the whole family and really where it all started from to see if some past family might have been any type of influence into the Antigone’s family in the play.What influenced the writing of the poem was to find a way to describe each character in a different way other than just writing an essay on them. One thing I want people to know is that I am not an artistically talented person I don’t just get inspiration I either write something because it feels right at that moment or I think on it for no more then a few minutes I just do what comes to mind. My art relates to Antigone because it shows her life where it started generations before her and my poem is a way to describe each character.

A Kingdom

A Kingdom
Ruled by two brothers
Slayed by one another

Lead by the rise of their Uncle
A man unforgiving
Who would see the death of his niece
Before the burial of his nephew

The burial of her brother
Soon to be hers too by her own hands

His loyalty to his father
Crashed away by his love for his wife
As he lays dead by her side

Can only watch those before her
Since she was never meant to be remembered
As she could only watch time go

The wife of a man unforgiving
And a son crashed away by his love for his wife
Can do nothing but slice away her life

A Kingdom of death and tragedy
Needed to be left in the past
Along with Sophocles it’s writer
that continues to last